LIA Runway

Long Island Airpark is an airport community located in Catawba County, North Carolina on the beautiful shoreline of Lake Norman. Nestled on a peninsula surrounded by the lake, Long Island is a haven for aviation enthusiasts both land and water based. NC26 has a 3,000 x 100 foot lighted turf runway, a seaplane ramp, and boating docks, in a family-friendly community. The airpark has many experimental aircraft owners/builders in residence, and many residents are active in EAA Chapter 309, with weekly build nights at Long Island as well as nearby Lake Norman Airport. Several residents are CFIs. Many community member get together the 3rd Saturday of each month for a group fly-out to area aiports with restaurants on site (Carthage and Rutherford are common destinations). Gigabit Fiberoptic Ethernet is available through the HOA to community members.

Airport is private and unattended: Call 1-877-FLY-NC26 (1-877-359-6226) for information and permission to land.

Airpark Entrance

Airpark Entrance

The airport hosts an annual fly-in event on the last Saturday in September (rain day is usually Sunday), and residents host frequent holiday parties year round (Independence Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Day, etc.).

Watch for tractors on the runway during Spring/Fall. Mowing is on Thursdays but may be moved to other days due to weather. Use caution when flying low in the area or if you are a seaplane landing on water. There are many powerlines (on both short wooden poles and tall metal towers) in the vicinity of the airpark that are not on sectionals and are not marked with orange balls. Unfortunately an accident has occured in which a low flying aircraft has collided with powerlines between Long Island Airpark (NC26) and Lake Norman Airport (14A).

Please turn on the runway lights during all take off and landing operations at both day and night time. Three clicks on CTAF 122.9 to turn them on.