2020 LIA HOA Board of Director Bios

There are 6 candidates this year for the 5 board positions. You may vote for multiple candidates, up to 5 total.

Each household will receive one email message with a unique anonymous key to the online election for the LIA HOA Board of Directors.

The candidates in alphabetical order by last name are:

  1. Paul Grieshaber
  2. Nicole Kogan
  3. Margy Natalie
  4. Ron Natalie
  5. Reid Milligan
  6. Shannon Moon

Bios for each candidate are below. Remember, you can vote for FIVE candidates, not just one.

I hope to meet every LIA member in person and all are welcome at Pablo’s Cantina to do just that. I have been flying since I was 15 years old when my family lived in Palo Alto, CA. Before that I spent my years as a youngster in the greater Milwaukee, WI area. I have been a lifetime EAA member since 1968 and have been involved with EAA going back to Rockford with my father. I am currently the President of EAA Chapter 309 in the greater Charlotte area. I have owned a variety of planes over the years but one of my favorites is the Fouga jet when my partners and I performed at airshows across the country.

Professionally, I went to Paris and I flew Boeing 707’s as a flight engineer for AeroAmerica the day before graduation at Purdue University. Then I flew for Cyprus Turkish Airways all before the age of 23. In 1978, I was hired with United Airlines then moving onto USAir in 1981 and retired from American Airlines in 2019 as an A 330 Captain. We have a Bonanza and a Cessna 172 Skyhawk while I am building a Wittman Tailwind and hope to complete it in 2021. My wife, Kristen and I have 5 kids combined and in chronological order as follows. My son, Max, IT with Lowe’s, and his wife Amanda are here in Mooresville with our 2 granddaughters Eliza and Kate; Kristen’s daughter Allison, Director of Huber Winery in Indiana, and most of you met her fiance’, Joe this summer; Casey, Biologist with NC Dept. of Natural Resources is my daughter and will be married in June of 2021 to Anton of Winston-Salem; Emilie, Kristen’s daughter lives in Cincinnati and is a firefighter and professional basketball official; Nathan, who is finishing his Construction Management degree at Purdue this semester is in northern Indiana where Kristen is from. Nathan completed his private pilot license this summer at LIA.

Paul Grieshaber


I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Nicole Kogan. My family and I are new to the neighborhood, but beyond blessed to be here. A little about myself, I was born in Buffalo, NY. Grew up just outside of Syracuse, NY. My husband Constantine (Cosmo) and I met at the local fireworks on 4th of July the summer before our Senior year of High School. After graduating and a semester of college in upstate New York, Cosmo asked me if I wanted to move with him to North Carolina. After, moving to North Carolina I started back in college and Cosmo starting working. In July of 2005 Cosmo and I opened Cosmo Motors in Granite Falls. In 2007, Cosmo asked me to marry him as we were taking off in an airplane to spend the weekend in Vegas. We were married on August 8, 2008, our first son Nicolaus was February 4, 2010. While pregnant with Nicolaus we moved our dealership to its present location in Hickory. While running the dealership, we had our other 2 children Nathanael on April 17, 2012 and Chloee on October 26, 2013.

I currently work full time at the dealership, which also has a full service shop, a full service auto spa, and a body shop. Our 3 children are currently enrolled at Hickory Christian Academy and have recently gone back full time.

One of the most important concerns and visions for the neighborhood in my opinion is the security, safety, for our family, and everyone else’s. Another top priority is the continued cleanliness of the neighborhood.

I bring passion to everything I do and give it my all. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be considered to be a part of the Long Island Airpark board.

Thank you,
Nicole Kogan


My name is Reid Milligan, and my wife Katie and children Connor and Rowan are full time residents at the Airpark. Our house completed construction in Nov 2019 and we are fairly well settled in now. Here is short bio of my background for your edification. I attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va and studied business. During my college days I was also a midshipmen in the Hampton Roads NROTC unit and was commissioned in the Navy upon Graduation. I then attended flight school and flew the P-3C Orion and served in various other roles during a 21 year active and reserve career. In 2006 I was hired by Continental Airlines and have since been merged with United Airlines where I presently work as a First Officer on the 767. I hope that I can bring my experience and enthusiasm to the board and continue the great work those before me have already begun!


My husband Samuel “Anderson” Moorer, our Great Pyrenees dogs, and I moved into our home at 8384 Chick Drive in late summer 2015 to fulfill my lifelong dream of living on a grass strip airport. I fell in love with the area the first time I visited LIA.

I have been flying since I was a teenager, and hold single engine land/sea, and glider ratings, as well as a hanglider rating. I’m actively adding flight ratings, with the goal to complete my CFII/MEI by early spring. I currently fly an amphibious Searey and several flight simulation systems I personally built. When time, weather, and airworthiness permit, I volunteer for EAA Young Eagles flights, introducing youth to flight.

My professional career has been as a scientist and engineer. I am a Computer Scientist at Walt Disney Attractions Technology, where I focus on using digital technology to make people happy. I hold a BS in Software Engineering and a Doctorate in Computer Science from CTU, and a Masters degree from Harvard University in Information Management Systems. I am an active researcher in the field of simulation and Affective (emotionally aware) Computing. I was also paramedic for several years prior to the start of my career as a technology scholar-practitioner.

In addition to my BOD service for LIA, I have prior experiences as a board member for a 501(3)c charity, the Florida Great Pyrenees Rescue, an organization that has successfully rescued and placed over 1200 dogs in new homes over the course of 15 years.

I volunteered to assist the current board as Secretary in December 2015, and then ran for the board as a director a few months later out of a desire to help support the airpark community. During my tenure on the LIA BOD and as Secretary, I have focused on more timely communications to HOA members, particularly on timely distribution of BOD meeting minutes, managing a community website, and also started the broadband committee.

I believe that my personal and professional experience and skills can serve and protect our airport community and the interests of the homeowners and property owners. I hope you will afford me the opportunity to continue to serve our community to the best of my abilities.

-Shannon Moon


Margy has served on the board for the past 2 years in the role of Chairperson. She believes the neighborhood while continuing to grow has maintained it’s rural and friendly nature. We have great new neighbors and we look forward to more in the next year or two. During the past two years the current board has implemented arunway committee (Thanks to the late Chris Price and to Dan Thompson) and the runway looks better than it has in years! There is a committee working on the CC&Rs and By-laws to make sure they agree with each other, and to make any changes we as a community might think are needed. We’ve seen a lot of building in the past two years with 3 new homes being completed and one going from hangar apartment to amazing house. We have 4 in various stages of construction right now. We’ve also added upgrades to the safety and security of the neighborhood (Private
Drive markings, taxiway lights and end lights, AED, no parking markings). We’ve had a number of volunteer work parties to clean up and maintain landscape etc. Margy and Ron Natalie have owned property on LIA since 2005, the land lay dormant for three years and then we built a hangar with apartment and lived as weekend folks from spring of 2009 until 2016 when we were able to retire and
move to LIA full-time to complete our home. Margy and Ron are the chapter chairs of the Catawba American Wine Society and often host wine tastings in their hangar. From personal experience Margy understands the needs of non-resident property owners, part-time residents and full-time residents.

Margy’s background includes a Masters in Education from George Mason University and BA from Rutgers University in Education and Political Science. Margy retired from the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution where she worked in the Education Department in a number of roles including volunteer management and program management. She has organized a number of fly-in events and other large-scale events. She served on the architectural review board in her neighborhood in Virginia. She also was president of the Vienna Wireless Association (Ham radio club). She is currently a Master Gardener with the Catawba County Extension.

Margy believes we have the best airpark in the country! This is due to the great relationships in the neighborhood. She and Ron do their best to help maintain these relationships with two annual Open House events at their home (Memorial Day Weekend Pig Roast, Sunday at 6 and New Year’s Day brunch, noon, bring a dish and beverage). The past couple of years the residents after fly-in party has taken place in the Natalie hangar. We really hope the world will return to normal soon and we can have more great parties with our neighbors!

Even in great neighborhoods there can be conflict and it’s important for the board to manage those conflicts in a fair and reasonable manner. While it is impossible every conflict to come out perfect for all of the involved parties it is important to manage those conflicts for the health of the community as a whole. We have a great neighborhood, let’s work to keep it that way!


Hi, I’m Ron Natalie. I’ve owned a lot here since 2005 and have lived here full time since 2016. I’m a retired software company executive and fly a vintage Navion. I have done liaison work with the FAA on the behalf of the airpark and deployed the airport manager telephone line, as well as setting up some of our domains and the airpark mailing list. I’m currently also serving as the president of the Save Sherrills Ford non profit which is fighting the development of a campground on the Kasey Kahne land off Molly’s Backbone. I’ve worked with Allen on the tram to improve its safety and reliability. I’ve cooked for the airpark on many occasions including whole pigs and a mess of baked potatoes. I also serve on the board of the North Carolina Woodworkers Association and have previously served on the board of the American Navion Society. I’ve spent my career bringing disparate groups together to work to a common goal.